Visit to eco-architects ARCH angels

One of our students, Jack, is interested in considering architecture as a career so along with tutor Gillian, a visit to local eco-architects ARCH angels, was arranged to find out more about their work. They chose ARCH Angels because they have an emphasis on Green Architecture and are working on some interesting projects.  They are also extremely local being just around the corner from the College and we are keen to make connections with the local community.

Here’s what Jack had to say about the visit.

“Archangels are a Brighton-based architecture firm. Their main ethical focus is being environmentally aware. All their designs are passed through a team of people to make sure that they are environmentally friendly. In June six students from SML College went to their firm just off Edward Street. The firm was small – a main room and a meeting room. We were whisked into the meeting room, where we were talked to by a one of the architects, Alex. Alex was really interesting and confident, I thought he handled the talk really well – it was fun but factual. He asked us all general questions to do with architecture – What is architecture? If you could design a building anywhere, where would it be and what would it be? Everyone’s creative juices were flowing. At the end he answered our questions professionally. It was a really interesting and informative hour well spent.”

As our students don’t follow a curriculum they are free to mange their own timetables and pursue any interests they wish to. We actively encourage them meeting professionals in the real world of work, as well as gaining first hand experience with work placements. If you’re a local business or professional who would like to connect with us and our students we’d love to hear from you.