Launch of Afternoon Programme at SML College

After 16 years of great success with our Self Managed Leaning morning programme, we are now launching an afternoon programme which with our first round of admissions in September 2018.

Research has shown conclusively that young people tend to have a body clock that is more conducive to afternoon activity. Academics have studied schools that start late in the morning and finish later; they claim that this not only produces better relationships in school but has also improved exam results.

Our afternoon programme will run from 1.30 to 4.30pm and this may suit many young people, but this is just one great reason for us offering this option.  Another reason for providing this new afternoon programme is to accommodate the increase in inquiries for places. As we are committed to keeping our programme small and the ratio of students to learning advisers effective, we do not want to have large a group in the mornings.

The afternoon session will be just 3 hours long instead of 4, and thus the annual cost will be £300 less than our morning programme.

For more information about the programme or to arrange a visit – please just ask.

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