The SML College Production of William Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet

Review by Lee Turnbull

Arrival of the parents was the most terrifying part of the whole production, student excitement turned to anxiety within the first five seconds of everyone assembling.

Our production was chaos turned to comedy, Monty Python would have been proud. Notable performances as follows:
Everyone forgetting lines and putting their own words in, students mixing up their scenes and arriving early or late. A useless prompt who couldn’t help me ( Benvolio) resulting in my having to run backstage to get my script!
Ochre as Juliet on her knees to Mayan (Lord Capulet) begging forgiveness, lost her lines and yelled NOOOO instead of a long speech about doing as her father wished. In fact, the whole production fell to crumbs but the audience loved it.

The whole college enjoyed putting the play on and would like to do another. However, Claire struggled with the whole thing and thinks that she rather boil her head than repeat this experience.