Adur and Worthing council visit

Review by SML College student, Luka

Last week (the end of June), two council members from Adur and Worthing visited. They were seeking to improve their website for young people and to learn how to better contact them about the many activities they have to offer.

First off, they did a quiz, to how much we knew about the council’s responsibilities. They ranged from checking restaurants food is safe to stocking up the ice cream in Worthing theatre.

After that, we went onto their website and tried to find different bits of information to see how easy it is to navigate. We all agreed that although it was fine it needed some improvement.

We discussed ideas on how to improve it, such as updating the search bar.

Later, they asked what social media platforms we were on. We responded that social media probably was not as good as coming into schools/learning places, as people are unlikely to follow the council if they don’t know much about it.

The council members thanked us for our help and said that they had found it helpful.