As a trainee teacher in mainstream education, I found teaching the subject I love, very difficult. The essence of learning is curiosity, expressiveness and freedom and unfortunately, the Science curriculum is being taught at young people instead of being engaged with, in an exciting and critical way.  At SML, young people have the freedom to explore and inquire into a world where a lot of mystery is still to be revealed.  I have the opportunity to help tutor students who want to study GCSE Science, coupled with providing fun workshops that cover a broader range of knowledge than the national curriculum does not always include. I also enjoy supporting students with CREST award projects. CREST is a UK award scheme that recognises success and enables students to build their skills and demonstrate personal achievement in project work. This involves students creating a project that they are interested in and conducting research and experiments as they explore.

SML College is exactly what “teaching” should be. Not lecturing a class of students who do not want to be there, but naturally encouraging, sparking imaginations and developing meaningful relationships with intrinsically motivated human beings. It’s the future of education.

Joe Allen, Learning Adviser