An idea came to mind when Louis and I were chatting in the kitchen about game development. In the past couple of years I’ve gotten into ‘modding’ for a few games I play, and for five years Louis has been the go-to tutor for everything programming, with much of that time spent helping several of the children with creating their own games in Unity and Scratch. I asked if he thought it would be possible to bump all our heads together and try to create a finished game as a group and he was very hopeful. We have such a range of talents at the College and it would certainly be possible to achieve it if we could get them focused.

At the next community meeting we asked the students if they would be interested, and the response was astonishing. Roughly 16 people piled into the art room with us to discuss the possibilities of this endeavour, and after the first session, we had a vague idea of what to create: Sci-fi Samurai.

Things have been moving along swiftly already, much to our amazement. Louis and I are so impressed with how invested the students are in the project, to the point of hearing them talking about it outside of College. We’ve set them small homework tasks to bring to the next sessions and the majority have completed them by the next day, which has shown how eager they are for the project. The meetings have been brilliant too, with mature and respectful discussion, as well as extensive contributions from every individual involved. Lars sat in on our latest session and told us how impressed he was by it all, and how professional it felt.

So far we have a storyline, a movement system prototype, and some pieces of concept art that include a UI/UX design and some tester animations. We are working things out as we go, and it is safe to say we are all thoroughly enjoying the process. If ‘SMLG’ can pull this off, it will be a huge project for them to show they’ve been a part of in the future and could open so many doors for them in the gaming industry.

by Eleanor Mayne, Learning Assistant

‘SMLG’ is a play on words of ‘MLG’, which stands for Major League Gaming; something many of the kids are familiar with.

The team currently consists of: Louis, Eleanor, Tommy, Anna, Jacob, Ellie, Austin, Wylde, Fin, Ash, and Theo. With help from: Jasper, Elijah, Luka, Moses, Jason, Claire and Ollie, in various areas.