Debunking Educational Myths: Empowering Parents for Informed Choices
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Debunking Educational Myths: Empowering Parents for Informed Choices

How about a fun twist on the 'Would I Lie to You' TV programme to uncover some common myths about education. Let's debunk them! Myth 1: "School is the preferred option for children's education, and parents can only home educate with permission." Truth: The law says... read more »

How can education prepare children to lead a good life - ABC Magazine

I would guess that no one ever said on their deathbed: “I wish I had got better grades at GCSE”. In fact, research on deathbed regrets suggests that people in different parts of the world show similar responses. A top regret, for instance, is... read more »

This is the Best Thing in School - SML at Uckfield Community College

Written by Andrea Hazeldine, Deputy Principal and Head of College, Uckfield Community Technology College Introduction The title is taken from a comment made by a Year 8 student at the College. This article outlines the approach that prompted that comment – and others such as ‘I’ve... read more »

The importance of well-being in education

Published in the May 2022 edition of ABC magazine. It may surprise some parents that research on adults has shown that the best predictor of life satisfaction is wellbeing in childhood and not factors such as academic achievement and exam grades. In fact test results... read more »

Marcus Rashford as a model for learning

Published in RSA COMMENT May 2021. Marcus Rashford has made an enormous impact for a young footballer. Ian Cunningham FRSA argues that Rashford is an exemplar of an effective learner and that there are lessons for the educational world from this. In a tweet posted on... read more »

How school pupils are indoctrinated in thinking about education.

(Published in LibEd journal, Summer 2014, online journal) In the summer of 2014 there was a national conference on ‘Student Voice’ held in London to which schools (teachers and students) were invited. The idea was to explore ways for young people to have more of... read more »

Learning for the Future

Article published in Sussex Newspaper, 2020   The Guardian newspaper reported a conference speaker who challenged his audience with the comment: “Any job that can be exhaustively defined – for instance in a job description or a manual of procedures – will eventually be subject to... read more »


(Published in Education Revolution in the USA; 2010)   Too often there is confusion about the difference between structure and control when talking about freedom or autonomy for learners. I want to say something about these ideas and to give examples from our practice in using... read more »

Young people - take charge of your own learning

Coco Kirkland joined Self Managed Learning (SML) College aged 13. She had been constantly in trouble in her mainstream school, because the teachers accused her of just doodling all the time. She is also diagnosed with ADHD and dyslexia. Having been labelled naughty, just... read more »

The problem of treating young people as children – the Caterpillar to Butterfly Fallacy.

  There are a number of reasons why it is difficult to get adults to treat the views of young people seriously. And because of this syndrome we have problems in convincing many adults to accept a truly personalised education... read more »