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What People Say

"I cannot think of a more secure, supportive and caring atmosphere in which to learn. On every visit to the SMLC, on any occasions I have spoken with youngsters and parents at conferences and so on I have been so impressed with the working atmosphere, and the total dedication and care of the staff team."

Former Headteacher

"L has attended SMLC from age 11 to 16 and has been very happy. She has been allowed to and shown how to manage herself and her learning. She can pursue subjects that interest her and to the level that she wants with the support of the College and its tutors. We are very grateful to have such an innovative, forward thinking College on our doorstep."


"The college has a national and international reputation as one of the rare examples of a place which is providing families with a real and positive alternative to main-stream schooling. I visited a few years ago and was extremely heartened that such a place exists - where young people have the opportunity to self-educate in a supportive mixed-age environment."

Historian and Philosopher at the Institute of Education, London

"He is extremely settled at SML College. Really loves it. In fact he's been known to say that he prefers to be at College than at home (which he finds a bit boring with not enough routine or stimulation... or something).  I'm taking it on the chin, as he says he's not trying to hurt our feelings. What a turnaround though. Secretly I couldn't be happier.”


"Thank you again to you and especially your wonderful students.

I was really struck by how sensitively, thoughtfully, and clearly they discussed their experiences at SML and also the maturity of their thinking especially when talking about difficult topics such as student mental health and peer pressure around things like drug use, and how they feel much less pressure to conform because of how they accept each others differences. It was an absolute pleasure to meet them."

John Carden

"My step daughter has really benefitted from attending the College since September 2012. She has completely transformed and become a confident, happy individual who loves her experience of school and learning. This is dramatically different from how things were for the two previous years at school where she experienced bullying which was never dealt with. Also, her creative and expressive strengths weren't nurtured, and her weaknesses weren't addressed and supported, which left a bright and previously happy girl feeling stupid, unseen and depressed."


"Self Managed Learning opens your mind to a new start. No more bullying. Time for the real you.

Sophie, Student

“I didn’t really know what I wanted to do before coming to the College. By being able to experiment with different things it has helped me to realise what I want to do and that is make films.”

Stella, Student

“Since starting at SML College, F’s life has dramatically improved. F relishes being part of the group and feels that she belongs. Her negative rebellious behaviour has stopped within that short time in SMLC, F has blossomed into a confident, happy and self-motivated young lady. F is extremely motivated to work hard at this safe and supportive environment which embraces our belief in the well-researched and proven method of Self Managed Learning.


“My son has changed enormously, he is much more self motivated, he gets on with his work, he doesn’t need to be told to do it, because that’s not the way the College works.”


From the moment that J started his time at SML College he was transformed... The behaviour that was a constant problem at home stopped almost entirely (it is a rare occurrence when he is particularly stressed or tired). I cannot stress enough how this has transformed the quality of our daily lives... Since being at the SML College, he has blossomed as an individual. He is more secure, happier and more confident. He is a kind, thoughtful individual, and I am immensely proud of him. The change from the constant rudeness, anger and misery I dealt with daily before is enormous. He returns from College tired from a hard mornings work, but enthusiastic.”


“My son has really benefited from attending the College. He has autism and has been badly bullied throughout his schooling resulting in him having a nervous breakdown and being placed on anti-depressants last year. Going to Self Managed Learning College has been a really positive experience for him. He is now able to do his GCSEs and is no longer taking anti-depressants. Without the help from SML College I don't think the outcome would have been so positive.”


“The approach at SML College prepared me to take my own initiative in my learning. I think it’s a lifelong skill.”

Ollie, Student