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Thoughts from India

I am in Bangalore to attend and run a session at, this year’s International Democratic Education Conference (IDEC). I used the opportunity to arrive early to talk with some teachers and especially to gain insights into the current situation here from Amukta Mahaptra, who... read more »

The worst attender in high school...

Nobel Laureate and President of the Royal Society Sir Venki Ramakrishnan was being interviewed on BBC radio recently. Here is someone who is about as respectable as you can get. Yet being questioned about his education he was happy to say that he was a poor... read more »

Self Managed Learning with organisations

The Centre for Self Managed Learning was established originally to take forward the approach with organisations. It was only 15 years ago that we started work with young people. The Centre and its sister social enterprise company, Strategic Developments International, continue to further the... read more »