Glyndebourne youth opera performance
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Glyndebourne youth opera performance

by SML College student, Flo Gordon
I have loved classical singing all my life. When I was young, I was in a school choir, but unfortunately, the school closed down. In my new school, there was a choir but it was all musical theatre and pop which I wasn't particularly interested in. Then in year 4, my mum signed me up for a small workshop at Glyndebourne. I was quite scared because I thought Opera was only for posh, fat women in massive gowns, that shatter wine glasses with their voices. But, when I went to the Glyndebourne workshop I was surprised how normal it was, and how people from lots of different backgrounds were unified to sing. Now, I have been in 7 different operas of lots of different genres, including a sci-fi opera! I have enjoyed every single moment of each opera. The latest opera that I have been in is called ‘Belongings.’ It is very current because it is about refugees in the past and in the future. I performed in the premiere of ‘Belongings’ on Glyndebourne stage on the 11th November; it was even on the South-East news! It is very interesting and fun to do and I have learnt a lot about what it felt like to be a refugee in past and present times.
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