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Virgin Territory creative workshop


Some of our students at SML College recently took part in a social engagement creative workshop offered by the Internationally acclaimed performance company Vincent Dance Theatre at the Dome in Brighton. The workshop explored how our over-sexualised, digitised culture is affecting young people and their identities, expectations, choices and relationships through a series of creative tasks, ranging from sculpting clay to making t-shirt slogans to burying deep thoughts. They investigated everyday sexism and the challenges that young people face today, as they forge their own identities in an image-complex world. The stories, voices and materials generated through these workshops will anonymously feed the making of VIRGIN TERRITORY, which premiers at The Place, in London, on Wed 2 November 2016.



Isabella, one of our students, said afterwards she "found that the trip was inspiring as a young feminist. I felt everyone was accepting of different opinions from feminist to anti-feminist. I would suggest this to anyone who has a conflicting opinions about feminism to see what it is actually like. I am glad that we went there." Another of our students, Annie thought "the trip was very eye-opening and exposed me to some new opinions. The atmosphere was very welcoming and we all got involved, contributing ideas and experiences. It was definitely an enriching activity which brought us together to really think about what it means to be a feminist." Monty was our only male student who took part and he also found it really interesting. As he said they "discussed a range of views, all of which were treated with equal weight. It was very accessible, particularly as they made an effort to explore all genders and thus resulted in a balanced conclusion. It was really enjoyable, I'd recommend it."