Could Self managed Learning Be What Your Child Needs?
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Could Self managed Learning Be What Your Child Needs?

In her blog post, Hayley from Sparkles and Stretchmarks delves into the world of education, focusing on self-managed learning. Titled "Could Self Managed Learning Be What Your Child Needs?", her article explores her shift in perspective after homeschooling her three children for over six... read more »

SML College Newsletter October 2023

Update by Dr Ian Cunningham Appointments Luke Scott Martin was appointed as the full time Premises Supervisor at the end of July and has already been working hard over the summer on premises improvements and repairs. Jessie Beagley started as Learning Support Officer at the end of August to... read more »

The Future of Education & The Role of AI: The SML College President's Lecture by Rose Luckin

Watch this fascinating talk from Rose Luckin, a superstar in the AI world and SML College's President. We're honoured to have Rose Luckin as our President. Every year she gives a lecture at the college and this year the focus was on AI in education.... read more »

You can’t judge a book by its cover

In conversation with a father he used the old expression: ‘You can’t judge a book by its cover’. He was referring to his daughter, who is profoundly deaf. The daughter is now 40 and running a successful business. However, in her childhood, she was... read more »

Quantum Theory and Self Managed Learning - and the relevance of this to education

I once heard a distinguished physicist describe Quantum Theory as a major problem because: It accounts for all the known facts. It makes no sense. His error was to attempt to live in a Newtonian world and not recognise the paradigm shift necessary to appreciate... read more »

Let’s scrap the myth of progress in learning

I meet many parents of school-age children. Most seem to worry about the progress of their child. The pressure from Government and from schools tends to be to expect neat linear progression. The requirement seems to be for a steady upwards curve of learning.... read more »

How do children best learn – a message to parents

Parents can support children in their learning – and this may be in addition to what school provides - or instead of school. We did research on adults to find out how they learned when they were younger. We studied senior leaders in organisations as... read more »

The GCSE Exam Results Scandal

Tens of thousands of young people will get worse results in their exams this summer due to factors beyond their control. The reasons for the award of GCSEs or A Levels (or other qualifications) are not simply down to those factors that are commonly cited... read more »

Explorations in Self Managed eLearning

FROM TEACHING & LEARNING ONLINE - NEW MODEL OF LEARNING FOR A CONNECTED WORLD, VOL 2, EDS SUTTON, B. & BASIEL, A.  2014, ROUTLEDGE. I had thought that I might call this chapter ‘Explorations in the South East’ – but that would have been, perhaps,... read more »

Video - Education to Save the Planet at Summerhill Festival of Childhood

Watch Ian Cunningham's talk on Education to Save the Planet, part of the Summerhill Festival of Childhood. In celebration of Summerhill School’s centenary, the Summerhill Festival of Childhood and IDEC 2021 took place online between the 30th of September and the 5th of October 2021.... read more »