Could Self managed Learning Be What Your Child Needs?
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Could Self managed Learning Be What Your Child Needs?

In her blog post, Hayley from Sparkles and Stretchmarks delves into the world of education, focusing on self-managed learning. Titled "Could Self Managed Learning Be What Your Child Needs?", her article explores her shift in perspective after homeschooling her three children for over six years.

Hayley's view on education has evolved significantly. She used to prioritise academic success measured by tests and scores. However, her journey led her to believe that education should cater to each child's unique needs and aspirations, rather than conforming to standardised methods.

She emphasises the importance of allowing children the freedom to explore their interests, advocating for an educational approach that supports individuality. Hayley acknowledges the challenges parents face in balancing their children's needs with personal commitments, highlighting the search for an educational environment that combines the benefits of homeschooling with a supportive structure.

Her insights resonate with parents seeking alternatives in education, aligning well with the ethos of SML College. Hayley's exploration mirrors the college's commitment to empowering students to steer their educational journey, fostering their passions and aspirations.

Her reflective piece offers a down-to-earth perspective, inviting readers to contemplate the essence of education—a narrative that echoes the principles upheld by SML College.

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