Spring term review by SML College student, Ro Frederick
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Spring term review by SML College student, Ro Frederick


This term has been very busy for us and lots of interesting things have happened over the last few weeks.


At the beginning of term James held a rhetoric speech workshop where we learnt about how to use different types of language features and we wrote our own speeches. Taanu’s speech on donating organs was even read out at the opening ceremony.


Over the spring term we did a lot of baking. We made multiple batches of cookies and Lars taught us all how to make bread. From this we learnt about organisms and what makes a living organism (MRSGREN), we also spoke about whether yeast was a living thing because it doesn’t have all seven life processes but it does have some.


We have also recently begun rehearsals for our production of Romeo and Juliet. This is a really good opportunity for all of us to get involved and learn about the responsibility and hard work involved in setting up a production. Not only have a lot of us been given roles as characters in the play, but some people have been helping with the props and scenes and some with the textiles department working on costumes and curtains.


Recently, there has been  a weekly philosophy workshop run by James. In this we have been asking and answering questions such as: Do we have free will? Does everything happen for a reason? And lots more. We also spoke about how eutopia could be just a result of dystopia and is everything we do meaningless, and is that ok? This has really developed our debating skills and got us thinking about things we wouldn’t normally.


Another exciting thing that happened over the last term, was the film. A filmmaker came into college and made three really amazing short videos, Not only did we all get involved in making the film but also organising it. A group was set up and everybody came up with different ideas for what could go in the film. Lots of people were involved in interviews and workshops that had been set up and it was really interesting learning about what was involved in setting up a project and working within a team.


Next term the older students will be taking their GCSE’s and we are looking forward to performing the first ever SML College production!