Students following their own interests
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Students following their own interests


At SML College because we don't have a forced curriculum, students are allowed to follow their own interests, which results in wonderful examples of creativity. These have included a range of projects on a variety of subjects such as hedgehogs, wild cats, technological impact in medicine and bughouse making, to name a few. Students have also recently started their own podcast and host a regular debate and discussion club where they bring up topics that are relevant to them. This element of freedom and ownership within the college has a positive impact on student wellbeing.

Students have said that:

"At the college, you get the chance to be the captain of your own learning"

"If I want to be pushed at SML I can be pushed, if I want to work independently, I can work independently, the environment suits where  I am at"

"I learn to balance learning with play"

"I enjoy not having to wear a uniform, it allows me to express myself"

"I can actually be myself here"

by Joe Allen, Learning Adviser